Kouchibouquac Spring Star Fest

It's coming! The first RASC NB star party event of the year...
You are invited to attend the first RASC NB star party event of this year. The Kouchibouquac Spring Star Fest will be held in May at Kouchibouquac National Park. This is your chance to kick off the year with a fun filled event under the pristine dark skies of one of canada's officially designated dark sky preserve sites. As per the agenda some of the talks will be in french and some will be in english. Translators will be on site to answer questions.

Those who plan to attend the event are urged to send an e-mail to Adrien Bordage to let him know how many will be in your group.

We are looking for those with telescopes and or binoculars in attendance to help out with the public observing sessions.

Information about the park can be found at Kouchibouquac National Park / Park Map